This is Michael Pershan’s blog about teaching. It’s my second blog (check out the links above).

If you want to know who I am and what I’ve done, check out “My Work” above.

If you want to know what I was thinking when I started the blog, check the crossed-out text below.

This blog represents my (i.e. Michael Pershan‘s) project to improve my teaching and understanding of problem solving. The project, as I’m formulating it at the start (these things always change) involves three related questions.

Theory: How does a teacher help a student learn math through working on math problems?

Practice: How can I get better at helping my students learn math from working on math problems?

Theory of Practice: How do I get better at this aspect of practice?

It’s important to me that I balance commitment with a willingness to ditch the project if it’s not going well. (Sort of like monitoring problem solving amiright?) So if it seems like it’s headed in a non-productive direction, I’m going to ditch this whole thing. One criteria of “productive direction” is making things that are of use for other people.

No matter what, the project in this form (and this blog) will end at some point. Maybe in a year? Two years? I’ll keep you updated.


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