Teach at BEAM this summer in NYC, LA or at one of their residential programs

I’ve taught at BEAM NYC twice. I’ve had so much fun being part of their work. Here’s how they describe what they do:

This summer, change the lives of underserved students with exceptional potential in math. We are looking for people who love math and working with youth to create a community of deep thinking and mathematical joy.

They’re hiring for this summer, and you should strongly consider making BEAM part of your summer plans.

Here is some info about teaching at their non-residential programs in NYC (where I’ve taught) and LA:

Staff responsibilities run weekdays June 26th – July 24th in Los Angeles, and weekdays July 2-August 12 in New York City…Both part-time (teaching an hour and helping for an hour of study hall) and full-time (teaching two courses per day) positions are available. The salary ranges from $2000-$5800 depending on course load and experience.

The non-residential programs are for 6th Graders, going into 7th Grade. If you teach full-time, it’s a full day of work that includes helping kids work on their problem sets after each class.

The residential program is for 7th Graders, going into 8th. Maybe you’re interested in teaching there:

The program runs at two college campuses in upstate New York with dates July 4-July 31 and at one college campus in Southern California with dates to be determined, starting in mid-June and ending in mid-July. You will have some flexibility in deciding which site you prefer. The salary is $5000 for faculty, and $3300 for junior faculty.  In addition, food, housing, and transportation are all provided.

There are a lot more details here. I am enthusiastic about my experiences teaching at BEAM, and this is really a situation where classroom teachers are needed and can make a difference. So, please, spread the word and share this opportunity with good teachers everywhere.

I’m happy to answer questions about my experiences and working at BEAM in the comments.

Update: I forgot that you can read about BEAM in the NY Times, here.

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