Other People’s Posts from 2016 (+ my stuff)

I made this list by going through my twitter feed and looking for pieces that I retweeted. Problem: only the second half of the year would load in my browser. If you published an awesome post between January and June, it is not on this list.

Tape Diagrams, Big Feelings and other Predicaments of Teaching by Kim Van Duzer

I still don’t know whether tape diagrams are worth the Big Feelings they bring up.  But what happened on Wednesday reminded me that all teaching and learning, math or otherwise, is emotional business.

  • Online eyeballs are tough to capture, though, and I got more interaction and responses from a blog post that used ideas from the essay than the essay itself. I don’t know what this means for the future of longform writing about teaching, but I was proud of the post: Cognitive Load Theory and Why Students are Answer-Obsessed.

3 thoughts on “Other People’s Posts from 2016 (+ my stuff)

  1. I am so glad I read this post! I am touched by your thoughtful assessment and desire to reflect. I am inspired to write more about what I think about teaching and feel a bit braver about being vulnerable. Thanks, Michael.


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