Little Things

Stand still when giving directions. Try your hardest not to shush anyone during directions — it makes it harder to hear.

Feedback comments should connect to something. And they should be very brief, like slogans. (Or, at least, that’s one way that comments can work.)

Don’t introduce two similar things at the same time. Pi-r-squared and 2-pi-r should happen on different days, different weeks. One at a time.

I want to make little flashcards for myself, to get better at solving tough geometry problems. On one side is a diagram, on the other is all the auxiliary lines you need to find the answer.

Oh shoot, there were a few other things knocking around in my head lately. Uhhh.

Writing a few bits of directions for later on the board is a decent use of class. Obviously, it’s better to do that before the bell, if possible. But having a visual of instructions is beneficial. (I bet there’s a benefit to having these instructions in physically different parts of a board, rather than on a slide. That’s just a guess.)

Sometimes what’s fun about teaching is the big things, but the last few weeks have been about the little stuff for me.

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