Favorite Posts by Other People in 2015

You want to know my methodology, right? Well, first I went back in twitter time and looked for pieces that I shared. Of those, I picked a favorite for each month, or two if it was a good month. I tried to vary up the people whose posts are in this list, so there aren’t any repeat appearances.

January:  Grace Chen, “Teacher Moves for Cultural Competence”

Bonus: Shanker Institute, “Update on Teacher Turnover”

February: Andrew Gael, “There’s More Than One Way To Skin a Task”

Bonus: Adam Lefstein, “Against Boldness in Teaching”

March: Fawn Nguyen, “Reversing the Question”

Bonus: Dan Willingham, “Computational Competence Doesn’t Guarantee Conceptual Understanding in Math”

April: Raymond Johnson, “A Few Thoughts from NCTM 2015”

Bonus: NCES Blog, Free and Reduced Lunch, a Proxy for Poverty?

Aside: Lots of good blogging about hints from AnnaHenriMike, Annie, Umussahar, Joe, Dylan and others too. Also, Max and I talked about complex numbers. I also talked to Justin’s undergrads about math mistakes.

May: Anna Weltman, “There Are No Kids Here”

Dan Goldner, “Anticipatory Set”

Bonus: Fallace and Fantozzi, “Was There Really a Social Efficiency Doctrine?”

June: Nada, I took June off from blogs/twitter. (New year’s resolution: less time on twitter?)

July: Dylan Kane, “Standards-Based Grading: Skepticisms”

Bonus: Eric Schwitzgebel, “Cheeseburger Ethics”

August: Carl Oliver, “What Would a Teacher’s ‘Off-Season Workout’ Look Like?”

Bonus: Joe Posnanski, “The Age of Tiger”

September: Daniel Schneider, “ELL Math – 3 Weeks In”

Bonus: Larry Cuban, “Research Influence on Classroom Practice”

October: Kent Haines, “Open Number Sentences: Is this _____ actually useful?”

Bonus: Melinda D. Anderson, “The Misplaced Fear of Religion in Classrooms”

November: Chris Lusto, “From Fallujah to Pennsylvania, My Life as a Marine and a Math Teacher”

Tina Cardone, “Expressions With Absolute Value”



December: Tracy Zager, “Counting Circle Variant: Tens and Ones”

Joe Schwartz, “22? 30? 50? 100?”

Bonus: Alan Jacobs, “My Year in Tech”

Bonus: Stephen Burt, “Overrated Writers”

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