The Plan: May-June

To Read:

Polya, George. “Mathematical discovery: On understanding, learning, and teaching problem solving.” (1981).

Krulik, Stephen, and Jesse A. Rudnick. Problem solving: A handbook for teachers. Allyn and Bacon, Inc., 7 Wells Avenue, Newton, Massachusetts 02159, 1987.

Schoenfeld, Alan H. “Learning to think mathematically: Problem solving, metacognition, and sense making in mathematics.” Handbook of research on mathematics teaching and learning (1992): 334-370.

To Solve:

Work on more problems, write about the experience (what I learned, what I tried, how I failed, what I figured out, etc.)

Work on problems from Polya, write about the experience.

To Make:

Make a list of specific heuristics for a portion of a high school geometry class?

To Write:

Write a series of posts trying to make sense of Polya, Rudnick/Krulik and Schoenfeld’s ideas.

To Decide:

Whether to continue with this project.


3 thoughts on “The Plan: May-June

  1. I like this plan. It feels to me like you’re doing a deep dive into the content knowledge of problem solving, the way you did with complex numbers. That seems like a necessary first step for any conversation about teaching.


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